Debtor Classification

In the realm of debt recovery, accurate debtor classification stands as the cornerstone of an effective collection strategy. FDB Collections understands the critical importance of discerning between various debtor profiles to optimize the recovery process. Through meticulous analysis and robust categorization techniques, we aim to streamline our efforts, ensuring a tailored approach for each debtor segment.

This classification process not only facilitates targeted communication, but also enables us to implement customized solutions that align with the unique financial circumstances of each debtor. The comprehensive debtor classification methodology employed by FDB Collections, sheds light on the key factors and criteria that drive our approach to debt recovery. By harnessing the power of precise debtor classification, we empower our clients with the tools needed to maximize recoveries while maintaining a respectful and ethical collections process.

Debtor Classification

New/Current Debtors that have just been added in the system will be classified in Blue.

Debtors that are currently in a payment plan will be classified in Yellow.

Debtors that have refused to pay and are identified as Deadbeats will be classified as Red.

Debtors that have fully paid off their debt or completed their payment plan will be classified in Green.