FDB Services


FDB Certified  Members are featured on the FDB Certified website, which provides the opportunity to network and create new business with other members and associates of the FDB platform. Members can receive agent inquiries at no extra cost, gain access to our FDB Legal Network and non-certified FDB clients, receive special alerts, the FDB Newsletter, and benefit from a world-renowned FDB vetting process, among other advantages.


We place a strong emphasis on fostering transparent communication channels with our esteemed FDB clients. Our approach involves engaging in discussions about strategies, explore various repayment and settlement options, provide timely updates on account status, and wholeheartedly committing ourselves to achieving the specific outcomes desired by our clients. Ensuring your satisfaction and success remains our utmost priority in every aspect of our collaboration.


FDB Collections’ unique value proposition lies in its distinctive debt collection and recovery service, tailored specifically to the global freight logistics industry. Our expertise stems from years of experience in assisting our clients in transforming what was once considered a financial loss into a substantial gain.

Our primary objective is to act in our clients’ best interests and do everything we can to secure their financial benefits, prioritizing their success above all else.

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

Debt Management

Debt Negotiations

Debt Collections

Client Relations


Additionally, we offer a daily posting platform designed to identify individuals and businesses engaged in dishonest business practices or failing to fulfill their financial obligations.

This platform, known as the “Deadbeats Walk-of-Shame,” serves as a valuable tool for companies in vetting potential members, streamlining client and agent onboarding, and assessing eligibility. It also provides transparency by revealing debtor information and debt details.

The platform features comprehensive details about debtors and debts and is a vital resource for the global freight community, with users spanning 196 countries. We utilize this tool to keep the entire industry informed about debtors enrolled in our program and to support businesses worldwide.

FDB Client Support

We prioritize your satisfaction and a seamless experience with our collections and services. Our dedicated team is ready to assist with inquiries, provide detailed information, and offer personalized support tailored to your unique needs. 

We are committed to ensuring efficient and enjoyable interactions, exceeding your expectations and fostering a lasting, rewarding relationship with FDB Collections.